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Weekend" Calf's Head "to celebrate the New Year on horseback

And more? A lot of stuff actually
!!! We need friends, moments when we get lost and others when we meet again. It takes laughter and hopes, winners and losers (you can never be sure of anything!!) In short ! First of all, you need to be in a good mood and of wanting to have fun, to ride horses in all directions, to be a little ridiculous sometimes... It's just a great game on horseback, sprinkled with meals, where there are plenty of vinasses and victuals of all kinds (yes, I reassure you, we don't just make calf's head whether the purists like it or not!)
The only "one" Hic "there's a theme, because we like to see you in disguise and that's good, this year it will be" holy grail "except that the coconuts used by the Monty Pytons and their small budget will be replaced by horses and rabbit points Arthur, Lancelot and other Gaalad will be part of the celebration with the Viviane, Guinevere, Elaine and other fairies or princesses neglected. There is nothing to worry about, since Father Merlin will be pulling the strings in the shadows...
It also allows us to celebrate, a few days late, a new year... It will be like the one of regionalism exacerbated and fratricidal or on the contrary that of the (hoped for) gathering energies and people ??? God gropes me (as God said late Desproges) is another debate........


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Niveau équestre requis Niveau équestre requis A l'aise et indépendant aux trois allures et en terrain variés, cavaliers en bonne forme physique et au moral d'acier
Prix 1350
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