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Hiking freedom is won!!!!!!!

At the end, we don't just talk about it, hiking, hiking and autonomous outings are our thing... Of course, you can participate in one of our hikes "Raid equestre enfin libre" but you can also concoct your own stay in complete freedom. The formula will be very simple, a place in a cottage, the possibility to make your own meals or take those we make, a horse, a card, friends if necessary and let's go... For a day, two days, three days or more, in a star around the summit or on a route through the Morvan, it is when you want, where you want. You can also come with your own horse, all the tools of a hue and a dia will be at your disposal, meadows, paddocks, boxes, walker, merry-go-round, career, PTV field and all the nature and paths that surround us. Our strength? Trust, an extraordinary cavalry, and above all a great adaptability to your desires and your dates.... Do you know Le Morvan then you want to go elsewhere? So we are also there, we move horses all over the territory from the moment there are at least 6 riders and more than a week of hiking planned.

These rides are aimed at two types of riders
Hiking for 16 to 25 year olds
Hiking for adults
They are organized from June to September inclusive

This hike in freedom has become over time, one of the "must" of the Sommant stables, a trademark of the hue et a dia house. This principle of hiking without an omnipresent guide and often the service guru was sometimes controversial by some professionals too cautious, but the UCPA, in full confidence with this project already for years, has always supported us with happiness in this approach aimed at making hiking riders more autonomous. The principle? It is very simple, after getting to know the team "on the ground! "with your horse and the other riders present on the adventure, you will experience (but it's a pleasure!) a quick but precise little course in the use of 1/25000th maps and compass and here we go.......

Alone or in small groups, as you wish, you will travel for a week on the Morvan roads. This Morvan, which, if it has always been a Burgundian host country, is also one of the green deserts closest to our polluted capital. You will be the ones who will be in control of your rhythm, your gaits, the physical integrity of your horse, but also the choice of the possible itinerary... Of course, we are there, never very far away, ready to react to your requests and questions regarding the management of your horse, group management or random orientation... Of course you can come and try the adventure whenever you want and all year round, but we have set up a calendar where this type of hike is proposed so that you can benefit from efficient logistics both in terms of meals and luggage tracking and the handling of horses at evening stops. Obviously, there is an important risk... That of starting to like it, of coming back and coming back again, of no longer understanding why it is true to suffer the appearance of a "guide"... But it is good and on all or almost all the hikes that we organize in France we leave this possibility of partial autonomy. It is not possible to be a beginner rider to register for this type of hike. You must be willing to take care of your horse and be comfortable with all three gaits on varied terrain. You can also come as on all our hikes with your own horse.


Dates In 2019, every week from Sunday at the end of the afternoon to Saturday at noon in June, July and August September
Accommodation Gites and a bivouac or two in the summer if the weather is good
Accompanist Equestrian tourism guide
Equestrian level required At ease in all three gaits
Price 720€ for 16-17 year olds and 730€ for adults
To come By train: Nearest TGV station: Le Creusot TGV station By car: By your own means Carpooling

Program of the week

Day 1 : Sunday

Welcome in the late afternoon. Presentation of the stay, the team, the equestrian tourism centre and its horses. Meals in common. Overnight stay: Gite de Sommant.

Day 2 : Monday

Initiation and fitness day: choice of horses, preparation of equipment, training in reading the map and using the compass, technical advice followed before lunch by a group outing and then after lunch, a preparatory hike of about twenty kilometres by small groups formed at your request. Meal prepared with your contribution. Overnight stay: Gite de Sommant.

Tuesday to Friday/ Roaming

Itinerant online hiking to your cottages and bivouacs through the tortured paths of the upper Morvan. Several possible routes at your convenience. Meals prepared with your contribution. Overnight stay: Gites or bivouacs.