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Horse riding in Italy

Italia Italia Italia!!!!!!

And here we are, once again our horses will be able to walk on Italian soil with great pleasure.....

The appointment is scheduled for spring 2020 from April 10 to 19. We will go from sea to sea in 9 days (450 km)... The departure is made at a small hour south of Pisa (where there is an airport) at the Marina of Bibbona where the horses and riders will be accommodated.

In 2020, we are moving from a hiking formula to a more "equestrian raid" formula for the pleasure of all.

This raid will take us from the Mediterranean Sea, through the whole of Tuscany via Volterra where we will spend the first night, then San Gimignano, Fornace, Pontassieve, Castagno d'Andrea or we will leave Tuscany to enter the Alps of San benedetto then Modigliana, Marzeno, Russia and North Ravenna or we will end the hike with our feet in the Adriatic. (arrival being close to Bologna, it is possible to fly back from this airport).

The 2020 version, unlike the two previous trips, has a more sporty and adventurous formula... A little more autonomy for each rider and each small group, more independence in the choice of itineraries offered and in the pace to be covered... A little more kilometres too. In short, a full equestrian adventure to live for autonomous riders and adventurers... Nights in hotels of course but also in bivouacs if the weather is right.

And, if Beppe welcomes us with his fresh pasta and grilled meats over a wood fire in the heart of the San Andrea circus, we will also have "everyone gets involved" evenings under our great Barnum...

Be careful, at this time of year the sun can seal the 4-day trip to Tuscany and make us appreciate the water bodies and swimming pools but the snow can also wait for us in the central part towards San Benedetto. The climate is more stable and temperate on the east coast, which will see us arrive on the beach north of Ravenna.

Date from 10 to 19 April 2020, on horseback from 11 to 19 included.

Price: 1750€




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Dates From 26/05/2022 to 29/05/2022
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