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Horseback riding weekend in France in the Fontainebleau forest

What can I tell you that you didn't already know? It's super simple, fit horses, fit riders and good people paths, good paths and still good paths, that's the cocktail of success that, without a doubt!!!! In addition to a proximity to the capital which allows many to join us...... I always thought two things would stop me from riding and joining you all on hikes and we, first of all the fact of having the systematic need for an advantage (montoir) and then and especially not to take any more pleasure in it..... Well it's a failure, I lift my leg like never before and I only have one professional hurry* every day, to get on one of my frames from predilection to run with you. * On a more personal note, I have others, but it's a secret, na! In any case, not doing a few Baie de Somme or Foret de Fontainebleau with us is missing a big one. equestrian moment. Come on, we go twice before Christmas and a few times after, so it has to do it..... Be careful, the prices of these two we have undergone a small increase because of the gas oil which has taken a huge one that we take in the middle of a pear......


Dates We en randonnée active
Hébergement Spécificité des week-end à cheval en France: Le prix du dîner et de la nuit en gîte (petit hôtel ) ne sont pas compris dans la prestation Ils sont à régler directement auprès du gîte lui-même
Accompagnateur Guide de tourisme équestre
Niveau équestre requis A l'aise aux trois allures et en terrain variés, cavaliers en bonne forme physique
Prix 875 euros la randonnée active
Venir En train : Gare SNCF la plus proche : Fontainebleau En voiture : Par vos propres moyens Covoiturage